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Garage Door Springs

garage door springs
The thought may have crossed your mind that the only reason our garage door spring repair company advises you to call us for your broken spring repair needs is because we want your business. Although it is certainly true that we do want your business, this had nothing to do with the advice that we offer. Garage Door Repair St. Albert has been providing spring repair to the St. Albert, Alberta community for a long time. We know firsthand the safety risks associated with this type of repair.

The Facts about Broken Spring Replacement

Garage Door Springs
There are two types of springs generally used on garages today. These springs are essential to the opening and closing of your garage door. The torsion spring is mounted on the inside of the garage above the top of the garage door. The extension springs are mounted on the inside of the garage door, but on the sides. When these springs default our technicians can provide broken spring replacement accurately and quickly.

One of the most dangerous services our crew can deliver is to replace torsion spring. These springs are very tightly wound and if by any chance they snap back during the repair process someone could get hurt very badly. Garage Door Repair St. Albert does want your business. We enjoy providing the residents of St. Albert with the best garage door springs service in Alberta, but we want your business because of the benefits we offer, the safety we can provide, and not simply for the money you have to offer.