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Garage Door Repair St. Albert

Garage Door Maintenance

All garage doors require regularly maintenance lubrication and adjustments. No matter how expensive they are, their parts will still wear faster without lubes and good care. Qualified to service all doors and do any job requested, we can help. We provide garage door maintenance in St. Albert and can take excellent care of your door no matter which type and brand you own.

Proper maintenance always starts with thorough garage door inspection. When our pro comes to routinely service your door, he focuses on inspecting its movement and all itGarage Door Maintenance St. Alberts parts. From cables and springs to tracks and brackets, our techs inspect large and small parts to see the weaknesses and what must be done.

Our garage door maintenance service step-by-step

When you trust maintenance to Garage Door Repair St. Albert, you can be sure of the results because our techs do the service right.

  • Inspections give us the sense of the door’s condition. Since there are always small or bigger issues, we use our garage door troubleshooting skills to detect their roots. After all, the whole point of maintaining the door is to fix it up in order to prevent problems in the long run.
  • So our techs fix garage door problems on the spot. Whether they are related to the opener or mechanical parts, they are all handled right away.
  • What we also do is tight all fasteners. This eliminates vibrations and ensures all parts are in their position.
  • What follows is garage door adjustment. There are several parts that might need to be adjusted. Our techs will check the movement of the door. If it doesn’t close all the way down, they will adjust its travel limit. We also check the force of the springs, the balance of the door, and anything related to its movement and do the necessary adjustments.
  • Of course, we lubricate the moving and steel parts, clean the tracks, test the reverse system, check the release cord, and don’t leave before every single part is inspected and serviced.

With our St. Albert garage door maintenance service, problems are tackled before they cause trouble. That’s why you should call us regularly for safety inspections and service. With regular maintenance, the door lasts long and is safe. Trust the quality of our work and contact us annually to maintain your garage door in St. Albert, Alberta.